Mar 19, 2021

CRN Newsletter 19 March 2021

What's On in Western Sydney

Two weeks ago we discussed sexual harrassment in the media and the need to be aware of our own mental health and physical safety. This week that news is still at the forefront; last Monday we saw thousands of people gathering in front of Parliament House and across major cities demanding action now instead of promises for the future.

Last year the Human Rights Commission released a report:

Respect@work, in it the Sexual Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins says: "Australia was once at the forefront of tackling sexual harassment globally."

The Sexual Discrimination Act was gazetted in 1984 after pressure to enact protections by women since the 1970s. It really begs the question WHY we are still pushing for real change 37 years later? What has happened to Australia's Social Leadership? It is a sad and unfortunate fact that in the status quo are also women. Those who enable, uphold and protect the men and the crimes. Time and again we see women in positions of leadership but no change for women overall. This time the call to action is to all those women in positions of influence and power; use it for the greater good. Don’t just protect your own and your positions.

Quietly under the radar is the ongoing debacle skirting around the need to #RaisetheRateforGood. Government has managed to push through legislation for an insulting $3.25 per day raise in the Job Seeker payment. Despite the majority of Peak bodies, especially ACOSS, warning of the dire need to raise the rate closer to the Poverty Line; the Government has failed. The paltry $25 per week raise manifestly fails our most vulnerable when the experts have demonstrated the need for the Allowance to be increased by $75-90 per week.

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