Western Sydney Mental Health Directory

MindGuide App

Community Resource Network (CRN) has been commissioned by WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN), to update the Mental Health Directory on the MindGuide App.

The MindGuide App is an information and resource app developed to meet the needs of consumers & carers experiencing difficulties in navigating available mental health services in Blacktown, The Hills, Parramatta or Cumberland (Local Government Areas).

Add Your Service to the Mental Health Directory

If your organisation provides a mental health related service in Blacktown, The Hills, Parramatta and Cumberland LGAs and would like to be added to the Mental Health Directory on the MindGuide App, please submit your details in the online Listing Form.

Below is a list of categories currently included in the Mental Health Directory:

  • Allied Health
  • Children and Young People
  • Community Health Care
  • Counselling
  • Drug/Alcohol
  • General Practitioners and Medical Centers
  • Helplines
  • Housing Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Primary Mental Health
  • Care Providers
  • Respite/Carer Support
  • Support Group/s


For any questions or suggestions regarding the Mental Health Directory, please contact Nayab Tufail (Data Administrator) at Community Resource Network (CRN) on 9832 4762 or email data.admin@crn.org.au