Blacktown Combined Interagency (BCI)

The September BCI meeting will have a presentation on the Blacktown City Social Profile 2016 from the Blacktown City Council.

Blacktown Conference 2016

This year’s conference aims to explore the role of home in Australian society and the ways we contribute to the creation of a home for all.

Blacktown City Social Profile 2016

Blacktown City Council has released it’s Social Profile, providing a snapshot of the city’s current social situation.

Blacktown Combined Interagency (BCI)

The topic for the April BCI meeting is “Data: Where do you get it? What can you do with it?”

ClubGRANTS 2016

Each year through ClubGRANTS, clubs across NSW provide support to tens of thousands of local community organisations, sporting groups, and charities that make a difference in their local area.