Blacktown Interagency Calendar 2018

Interagency Calendar

Throughout the year a number of interagencies and networks regularly meet in the Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA). These meetings bring together community service workers from local organisations, government agencies and residents living in the area to share information, network, hear presentations and collaborate on projects.

CRN has listed each interagency that meets in the Blacktown LGA on a 12 month calendar and provided the relevant meeting information and contact person for each one.

View or download a PDF or Excel version of the Blacktown Interagency Calendar 2018.

This resource will be edited whenever new information is available to ensure the calendar is accurate and up-to-date. CRN recommends contacting the relevant person before attending an interagency meeting, as the date, time or venue may change.

Last Updated: 25/06/2018

If you notice any of the information on this Interagency Calendar is incorrect, or you would like to add information about a new interagency not listed, please contact CRN.